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Birthing people in Alabama face a myriad of challenges. Alabama has the third highest maternal mortality rate and the seventh highest cesarean rate in the United States. Maternal child health outcomes in the South are worse than those of low and middle resource nations. In Alabama, outcomes are worse for Black women than White women for every maternal health indicator. Black babies have higher rates of preterm birth and infant mortality, and a lower rate of breastfeeding. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Black infants are twice as likely to die as White infants.

Studies have shown that midwifery care can improve health outcomes. People with low- to moderate-risk pregnancies who receive midwifery care are more likely to experience a low-intervention, spontaneous vaginal birth, less likely to have a primary cesarean section, and more likely to be satisfied with their care. Safely reducing unnecessary cesarean delivery improves health outcomes and reduces maternal morbidity for both current and future pregnancies.

A hub for training and innovation in patient-centered health care, the ROE Center is a community resource committed to improving maternal and infant health outcomes by supporting holistic reproductive health. Training Residents, midwives, nurses and doulas will ensure the creation of a new generation of reproductive healthcare providers.

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